Metal Window Screens

A metal window screen is an application for windows where a metal screen or panel is installed on the window to prevent undesired conditions and increase the quality of indoor space and elevate the comfort. Building technologies evolve through time. While the sense of aesthetic starts to adopt the perks of technologic development, the functionality and the practicality of a product becomes more and more important as well. Humankind has been learning to neutralize climatic discomfort and building safe and habitable spaces for thousands of years now. Of course, modern day dwelling is so much more than a basic shelter. Today, building a house or any structure has surpassed the simple aim to survive. It is also about comfort, convenience and feeling pleased.

Why Metal Window Screens are Needed?

It is all about comfort and the search for quality in terms of architecture. Having a good control over variables in a space, especially those that are vital helps obtaining comfortable spaces where people are happy to be in. And what is the main purpose of architecture if not that. Temperature, ventilation lighting etc. all affect the well-being of the people in a room; and metal window screens provide a great way of managing these properties. Sun, rain, snow, and wind are some of the climatic variables that a person gets affected when any of them alters from the optimal threshold. Earthquakes, fires and floods are some other parameters that now we put into account and try to make measurements accordingly. Each variable listed above can be managed to a point where any uncomfortable impact can be minimized. For instance, the sun rays can become very disturbing to the eye and can increase the indoor temperature unnecessarily. Window screens come in handy in that scenario.

How the Metal Window Screens are designed or manufactured?

Window screens can be designed in various ways. When a window is essential on a facade, but the opening requires proper control over how much sun comes in, the need for a some kind of sun blocker or screening appears. This screen can be a fabric one installed on the indoor side, or a sun blocking system that gets installed on the facade. Or it can be a metal window screen which is also called “mesh” in architectural design. These mesh elements or the metal screens act like a filter where the view from the window is not lost but the amount of light is controlled. Other common materials used for metal window screens are aluminum and fiberglass. Aluminum frame window systems can be designed suitably for a metal window screen which is a design decision that can be made at the beginning of a project.

Metal window screens can be motorized, stabilized or manually controlled. The motorized metal window screens are connected to a motor that either rotates the slates or pulls the screen to a side. If the metal window screens are designed as vertical or horizontal sunbreakers, each slate could be rotating around its own central axis. Some metal window screens are designed in a way that the screen is mounted on the upper half or the upper one-third of the window and it is stabilized. This works best for the facades that receive a lot of sun throughout the year. And some metal window screens are installed to inside of the window. These types might have a manual control mechanism.

What are the prices for metal window screens?

The cost of metal window screens depends on the material and the size as well as the installation methods which can affect the workmanship costs of the installation. There are many people looking for an answer to the question of what is the cost for a metal window screen system. The material for the window screen can be selected from a wide range to comply with the shading purposes. The metal window screens could be from thin metal plates, it can be a meshed surface, it can be vertical or horizontal sun breakers. These variables are important parameters to determine the price for the system.

One other important parameter that would have an impact on the metal window screen’s price is the size of the system. Some brands calculate these costs in accordance with the square meter. In some cases the metal window screen does not have to cover the whole window area. It is only required on a portion of the opening.

In addition to material and size the action-type of it also affects the pricing. If the metal window screen is operable with a motor system this would change the cost.

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