Vertical Pivot Window

A vertical pivot window is a type of window where the opening framework of the window is not hinged on the sideline, but the action is designed differently. In pivot windows the hinge is mounted somewhere midline on the horizontal frame or the vertical frame varying according to pivot type.

In an ordinary casement window, the casement which is the part that is attached to the frames with hinges opens towards the front side. In the pivot window basically the mechanism of the opening wing is engineered differently. However, the opening action still requires a space in front of the opening in both types which is the main difference between them and guillotine window systems. The pivot windows are divided into two types. Vertical pivot windows and horizontal pivot windows. In both types the pivoting glass rotates towards interior and exterior sides of the glass respectively.

In principle the working mechanism of a vertical pivot window is similar to an awning window. The critical difference among them is with vertical pivot window the hinge is in the middle part of the frame and while the window is opening the upper and bottom part of it moves towards interior and exterior sides of the window. With the awning window the hinge is at the top and the opening wing is fixed at the top and moves completely on interior or exterior side of the window in accordance with that hinge.

The pivot windows are generally used as roof windows as it allows to a rotation upto 180 degrees and enable the outer surface of the glass to be accessed which makes it possible to clean. Moreover, standard sash windows are generally not applicable for sloped surfaces such as roofs and vertical pivot windows keeps the action simple and safer in this case. Nevertheless, application or installation quality and workmanship is crucial for vertical pivot windows especially when it is installed to roof levels. The water could come in through screw holes or from the outline of the pivoting wing where it touches the outer frame if the product insulation specifications and quality is not good enough.

For roof solutions skylight windows are another alternative. For example, Libart’s SunRoof system is a type of window that can be installed to upper floor ceilings. All of these fenestrations help circulate the air through the building and achieve a well-ventilated space. While deciding on the type of window for an opening whether it should be a vertical pivot window, casement window or retractable window system you should analyze your needs and expectations.


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